What happened to Swag Fags?

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11:20 AM - Jun 20, 2018 #1

So I noticed on this forum that the UK got invaded by the trend of SwagFags from North America in about 2010 

The trend seemed to last between 2010 till 2015ish where young people would have Jedward style hair, wear ether chinos or skinny jeans, Jordans shoes on their feet and a t-shirt or jumper with something like YOLO, OBEY or Diamond on. They would also wear snapback caps and other clothing of American sports teams they had no clue about. Usually the LA Lakers or the Chicago Bulls for some reason were the swagfags choice.

They also listened to the likes of Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Nikki Minaj and other modern pop/rap singers that are usually autotuned. And they used to say words like "Swag", "YOLO", "420 Blaze it!" "bae" and other swag style words

Swagfags were everywhere!

Popping up in parks playing Basketball while blasting their music.
In fast food restaurants like KFC and Mcdonalds if they didn't have enough money for a "Cheeky Nandos"
On social media such as Instagram, tumblr, snapchat ect making silly faces and doing gangsta signs.
Even in big urban cities to small towns. Some have even been spotted in small villages.

You could not turn a corner without bumping to at least one swag fag or a group of them.

Nower days hardly anybody says "Swag" anymore and you hardly get as many swagfags in the UK. I dunno if swag is still big in North America but it seems that swag has seemed to have died from 2015. 

So what happened to swag fags and will swag come back to the UK?