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Jul 24, 2017#1

If all this talk of being "light" and "fast" seems kind of vague, let's put it into perspective. The 2004 Porsche Carrera GT boasts over 600 hp, but it weighs in at about 3,200 lbs (1,450 kg). That's more than a half ton heavier than the Elise. Even an Enzo michael kors handbags outlet Ferrari, with 650 hp, is discount patriots jerseys a heavyweight at 3,200 lbs (Motor Trend, Oct. 2004). In a straight line run, that horsepower would put the Elise to shame in terms of top speed. But on a tight, twisting road course, the $40,000 Elise could outperform cars that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars more.

Drivers who frequent racing courses can choose a Sport option package, which adds about $2,500 to the car's list price. This option stiffens the suspension and adds adjustable shocks, aluminum cheap nhl jerseys wholesale alloy wheels and soft compound Yokohama tires that are wider than the stock variety.

Those who are discount cowboys jerseys looking for a more comfortable ride can choose the Touring package, which includes leather and carpet, sound dampening in the car's interior, power windows, a better stereo and some storage netting. This costs about $1,300 more than a stock Elise.