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Jul 24, 2017#1

To lower the risk of injury, riders wear specialized safety gear michael kors handbags outlet on both recreational and competitive rides. Leather suits are worn to protect the skin from road rash and cuts. The elbows, knees, shoulders and spine of the suits are often lined with body armor to further protect the body during a crash. Heavy duty leather gloves are discount patriots jerseys used to protect the hands, and may have rubber pads on the fingers to help with pushing off. Because of the demands of braking, shoes must be discount cowboys jerseys very heavy duty, with extra rubber padding to hold up against heat and friction [source: O'Neill].

Start slow. Find small hills to begin. You'll have enough to think about as you learn to control your board. Some of the most common causes of wipeouts for street lugers are equipment failures. A wheel falling off the board or a broken axle cheap nhl jerseys wholesale can quickly ruin your ride. Keep your gear well maintained, and invest in high quality equipment to help lower your risk of accidents and injuries [source: O'Neill].