Chav invasion of Australia

Jul 18, 2013#1

Hi all, ChavStabber here, member of the previous website and old guard website loyalist, protector of the realms against the spread of the social filth that is 'The Chav'.

Many moons ago I moved 'Down Under' to Australia and I felt it time to resurface back into the global web space to update you all on the tragic events unfolding before my very eye's!!!

I can confirm that the Chav has firmly bedded itself into the Australian society. Having observed the level of immigration over the years it has become clear that some of the parents of these vermin have broken free of the shores of old mother England and set up shop in the sunny land.

The results of such a socially irresponsible decision by the government here has led to an epidemic of biblical proportions of Chavism. In particular I find myself confronted on a daily basis with young Charvers sat outside shopping malls displaying what can only be described as classic dress standards of the good old Chav.

Their taste in car accessorising has also not diminished hence only the shitest after market add ons will suffice the Chav or Chavette in defining their social status.

Alas my brethren I bid you fair well and will return with more on this disturbing turn of events.

I shall attempt to document some examples of this by way of photographic evidence in the coming weeks.

Eradicate the Chav


Dec 09, 2018#2

Are you sure you haven't encountered the indigenous 'Bogan'? Can't believe the Aussies are wearing Burberry, Lacoste, Schemie Hilfiger, ad nauseam.

BTW, I miss the old website.